Welcome — New introduction

5th January 2009

It’s time after all these years that I write a new introduction to this website. As I am writing Israel is attacking Gaza’s citizens. It started with more than a week of air raids and the attack is now continuing on the ground with the collaboration of the Israeli navy and air force and the world’s silence.

The world is now watching what Israel is doing in Gaza but is doing nothing. World leaders are letting the citizens of Gaza die by the hundreds, women, children, old people. As I write, the death toll is more than 500 killed and 2600 wounded. 20-25% of the killed and wounded are children and the number is rising by the hour. Since the ground attack began yesterday 70 people have been killed and 371 injured. Who knows how many of the wounded will survive with no functional hospitals, no electricity, no medicine, or medical equipment. As a psychotherapist I can’t imagine the number of people who are traumatised and what it might take for them to heal if they even get a chance to. Because healing from trauma requires peace and quiet and you can’t do it while the bombs are still falling and you are under attack. I do not understand what gives world leaders the right to do nothing at the cost of so many lives. Who do they think they are to have that kind of power over the lives of so many people? This is a crazy world.

I created this website originally because my husband Ian thought that what I had to say about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict was worthwhile, especially since I am from Israel. I think I am writing for two reasons. One, because I feel helpless to do anything. I would rather be in Gaza physically to offer support and practical assistance, and to look in the eyes of Israeli war criminals aka soldiers, some of whom I probably went to school with. But this isn’t possible. So I write.

I also write for a very selfish reason. When one day, Israelis stand trial for the occupation and the war crimes against the Palestinian people, I would like to be counted as someone who spoke up. I was brought up on stories of the Holocaust. I was told that perhaps even more despicable than the Nazis themselves were all those who knew what was happening and allowed it to happen. Jews have always felt abandoned by a world full of bystanders. Being a bystander doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means collaborating. And I don’t want to be a collaborator.

Writing doesn’t stop bullets or bombs. It doesn’t offer a hug or a shoulder to cry on for a father who lost 5 children in an Israeli air attack or a young woman who lost her husband. But it’s all I can do for now. Many people have visited my website over the years. Most felt supported and validated, some felt threatened. But things need to be said. I hope that some Palestinians at least can find some solace in some of what I am writing. As for Israelis, those who have the courage to stand up to their murderous and stupid government, don’t need to read my website. But perhaps some members of the Israeli majority, the 81% who are completely behind the Gaza massacre, will have a change of heart. I am not holding my breath though. But I will continue to write for as long as Israel occupies the Palestinian people.

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